CURRENT SCHOLARSHIP VALUE: $1,000 (renewable for second year)

Irving Grange #377 will provide a scholarship for a student from North Eugene High School and/or Willamette High School to attend any of the following:

1. An accredited college, community college, or university.
2. A trade school.

This scholarship is renewable for a second year, based on the candidate’s success in higher education and their personal follow-up and accountability to the scholarship committee during the time the scholarship is available to them. Irving Grange may or may not award new scholarships based on the quality of applications received and possible prior commitments to applicants eligible for scholarship renewal. Decisions of the scholarship committee are final in all cases. New scholarship winners will be announced by May 31, each year. The scholarship will be sent directly to the successful candidate’s school of choice upon receipt by Irving Grange #377 of proof of his/her enrollment. Payment will be in two equal amounts, to be paid by quarter or semester according to the school’s billing practices, and proof of enrollment will be required for each such period. Proof of enrollment must be received within 30 days of the beginning of the school term for which the scholarship is to be paid.

Any or all of the following standards may be used to determine eligibility for this scholarship.
1. Candidate’s character and conduct as a student and citizen.
2. Probability of success in the candidate’s chosen field of study.
3. Priority will be given to members of Irving Grange and their families who become eligible for this scholarship.
4. Candidates must have graduated from or live within the North Eugene or Willamette High School areas, or demonstrate a personal affiliation with Irving Grange.
5. Information provided to support the application, including:

  • Total GPA and/or grades in subjects related to the candidate’s chosen field of endeavor.
  • Demonstrated effort as evidenced by letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, administrators, religious advisors, or other adults known to but not related to the candidate.
  • Previous participation on community service or other projects of benefit to the local community.
  • Participation in school-related extracurricular activities. Particular weight will be given to those activities related to the candidate’s chosen field of study.
  • Participation in non-school-related extracurricular activities such as Boy or Girl Scouts, 4-H, FFA, Civil Air Patrol or other similar group activities.
  • Individual effort in educational or public benefit areas such as teaching assistant, tutor, youth leader, child care or similar individual activities.
  • Work experience.
  • Completed application form.
  • Background information provided by candidate’s school counselor.