About Us

a play at the grange with people on stage

We are your neighbors, friends and co-workers organizing collectively in N. Eugene/Santa Clara to support and embrace our diverse semi-rural community. We do this through charity, providing space for groups to meet, organizing community events, and supporting local agriculture and citizenship.

Irving Grange is a volunteer member-run non-profit organization that is part of a network of granges all over rural America. The Grange is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization historically rooted in bringing voice to farmers. Over the years many Granges have become less rural as cities grow, and the Grange has adapted to support a broader community.

At Irving Grange #377 we celebrate the ways our diversity makes us stronger. We seek to empower grassroots efforts that bring culture, art, wellness, education, agricultural awareness and joy to all. We grow together and your unique voice matters. Join us in creating healthy communities.

Membership in the Grange is fun and helps to maintain this important resource in Santa Clara, but you don’t have to be a member to be involved!

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Disclaimer: The grange is not responsible for any lifelong friendships that may occur as a result of membership.

What is a Grange?

In 1867, the founders of the Grange saw a need for a social, educational, and political fraternity to support rural life. Farm populations and farming methods were changing across the country. Through the Grange, people could work together to market their farm products, address political issues, keep up with the latest improvements in agricultural science, and enjoy social events like dances and theatrical performances. From the beginning, women have been voting members in the Grange, valued partners in the business of farming and the ongoing education of young and old alike.

Meet your current Grange Officers:

  • President – Ron L.
  • Vice President – Richard W.
  • Secretary – Margaret J.
  • Treasurer – Doris D.
  • Chaplain – Angie L.
  • Gatekeeper – Katie P.
  • Lecturer – Adrianna L.
  • Musician – Aaron L.
  • Assistant Stewards – Clark K. , Joan K. , Deon D.