Irving Community Mural

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The Irving Community Mural is a project to involve the whole community in ideas, design and painting. The mural will adorn the large east-facing exterior of the Grange. We want to add character and beauty to our neighborhood with public art and we need your help!


Your ideas and elbow grease are requested. Come to a Mural Brainstorm session (July 18, 6:30pm) where we will float our best ideas for the mural, help us organize mural fundraisers or help us get paint on the wall at the Mural Kick-Off Painting Party (it’s easier than you think). To sign up for updates on volunteer opportunities and upcoming events, or to drop mural ideas through email, contact:


Help us make this dream come true. We have a fundraising goal of $15,000 that includes materials and the professional mural team Mural Mice Universal who will guide the project, paint, and put the final touches on the mural. With the help of volunteers we have been able to keep the project budget low. Your contribution is invaluable, let’s make this happen!

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Timeline of mural project

March-July 2023

-Community outreach and fundraising begins

July-September 2023

-The Mural Brainstorm event brings the public in to generate ideas of what could go on the wall.

-Mural Mice Universal artists compile ideas into a series of possible mural designs.

October-November 2023

-An evening fundraising event will take place to display the completed mural design, to celebrate the community through music and entertainment, and to raise money for the painting phase of the project.

February-June 2024

-The Mural Kick-off Painting Party at Irving Grange will bring school children and community members to help put paint on the wall.

-Mural artists guide the community on the painting process throughout the month and touch-up the final piece.

-A Mural Dedication party will invite the community and local representatives to celebrate the completion of the project.

Meet the Artists

They may be small in the grand scheme of things, but when they work together big things happen. Mural Mice Universal is a team of two artists who have been painting together for 18 years. They specialize in large-scale public murals and in community developed art. As new residents to Eugene and the Santa Clara neighborhood, the Mice are excited to get to know the community and have some fun making art together. Take a look at their portfolio at